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      Brand Manifesto

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      Brand Manifesto

      We exist to enhance people’s lives.
      Because we believe that life’s most remarkable moments and experiences
      Weren’t meant for a select few, but for all.


      We think beynd product and technology to create meaningful experiences.
      By challenging the standards of design and workmanship,
      Leading a new era of customer care,
      And rethinking the future of mobility.


      Looking forward,
      We believe in a world where mobility will enhance life
      And will be defined by people, for people.
      With our unyielding can-do spirit,
      We will be steadfast in pursuit of this vision,
      For we do not seek to satisfy the few,


      But to be loved by many.

      Gusto ko. Kaya ko. Sama tayo.

      Customer-driven innovation lies at the core of our operations. And our recently launched marketing campaign, “Gusto ko. Kaya ko. Sama tayo” (GKS) perfectly embodies this value.


      Coming on the heels of a successful brand slogan “Gusto ko” in 2016, HARI comes full circle with a re-energized value reflecting the brand’s commitment to become the most trusted lifetime partner of the Filipino in mobility and beyond.


      In every mobility solution we engineer, every groundbreaking technology we conceive, and every milestone we conquer, we are driven by the strength of a single commitment—to enhance as many lives as possible.


      With GKS, we take our shared journey forward, taking our customers with us every step of the way. So that every Filipino is part of our growth, our learning, our success.


      This is the GKS revolution. And we’re taking every Filipino with us on this journey.